Hire Experts in the Affiliate Industryfor only $1000!

Receive the profiles of the candidates looking for job in the affiliate industry and pay a flat fee only if you hire them!

We Provide

  • Media Buyers Integration Specialists

  • Front-End Developers Back-End Developers

  • Sales/Account ManagersAffiliate Managers

  • Product Marketing ManagersLP Product Managers

  • PPC Managers

  • DesignersAnd more


Ideal for:

  • Media Buying Teams

  • Affiliate Networks

  • Advertisers

  • Advertising Networks

  • Companies involved in buying or selling traffic in the adult or gambling verticals

How It Works?

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For the first time, high-quality job seeker profiles are available for free!

No Contracts, Paperwork, or Any Other Type of Commitment Required!

When we say "no commitment," we truly mean it. To demonstrate our commitment to this promise, we have decided not to use contracts or agreements. Your obligation to pay us after hiring a lead relies entirely on our trust in you as our partner and on your desire to receive more leads.

The Philosophy Behind Our Business Model

To identify the best candidates for our company, we must interview a large number of qualified individuals. Each manager has a unique vision of the ideal candidate: some prioritize profound skills, while others may opt for less experienced candidates to meet budget constraints. Preferences can range from those favoring an aggressive approach to those preferring a more diplomatic demeanor. Understandably, there is no singular "best" candidate. To optimally fill our positions, we often need to consider dozens of potential leads, meaning many good candidates may ultimately be overlooked.

To address this, we've decided to increase the flow of candidates by also directing our screened candidates to other teams within the industry. This strategy helps us maintain a robust pipeline of leads and benefits the broader market.

Having specialized in the affiliate industry for over a decade, we understand what makes a candidate stand out. Unlike general recruiting agencies that handle a broad range of leads, we focus exclusively on our area of expertise. We don’t deal with other verticals or customized orders; we operate within our specific niche.

Our aim is to revolutionize the hiring process by maximizing cost efficiency. Recruiting a quality candidate can be costly, and our objective is to reduce these expenses by shifting focus from the company’s specific requests to the candidates' offerings.

It’s crucial to understand that our cost-effective approach does not compromise the quality of our leads. You pay less because, unlike agencies that focus on filling specific requests, we sell all good leads. Traditional agencies often cannot pass leads onto other clients if they don't match the original brief.

Access to a broad feed of quality leads is not only beneficial for hiring but also enhances your understanding of the market. This expanded perspective might even lead you to hire someone you hadn’t previously considered.


  • We do not search for specific candidates tailored to individual needs. Instead, we focus on identifying promising individuals within a specific affiliate niche and pass their profiles onto you. Each candidate has the potential to enhance your business, regardless of your specific focus.

  • Our approach centers on candidates actively seeking jobs, rather than specific job postings. Therefore, the speed at which a position can be filled depends on the availability of job-seeking candidates. If you need to fill a position urgently, you may prefer to engage a traditional agency, as candidate availability can vary.

  • No, we cannot guarantee the availability of a suitable replacement candidate as we are not a traditional agency. Our focus is on serving job seekers, which allows us to deliver quality leads for just $1000.

  • Yes, each hire costs $1000. That is the total fee.

  • No contract is required. However, if you hire a candidate we've introduced, you are obligated to pay the $1000 fee.

  • Leads are delivered via email.