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AdversterX is a society of digital entrepreneurs united with one goal: to innovate in the digital marketing space.

Lowest employee turnover rate in the industry!

2033Wealthy Future for Our Team is Secured!

2023Continued growth, expanding into new directions, and achieving multi-million-dollar annual revenue.

2013Incorporated and launched our first affiliate campaigns.

We're thrilled to announce that as of 2022, Adverster has evolved into AdversterX!

Why the Name Change?

Since the beginning of the year, we've been busy reshaping our company's future. We've initiated numerous exciting projects and formed valuable collaborations with new partners.

We felt that the new name better describes the nature of our business. Plus, many cool brands incorporate an 'X' in their name, just like SpaceX or iPhoneX. We believe it's one of the keys to their success.

In 2022, AdversterX was recognized as the most frequently mentioned company by a narrow group of marketers.

Here are a few tags that describe us best

  • # Performance Marketing Agency
  • # Affiliate Program
  • # Media Buying Team
  • # Affiliate Team
  • # Advertiser


In affiliate marketing, we focus our efforts on specific verticals or niches where our expertise shines. Here's a shortlist of our top specialties.


We take pride in showcasing our advertisements in over 100 countries. Our in-house team manages the localization of all landing pages and products, and we verify the content with the assistance of native speakers we outsource, all of them specializing in advertising.

Product Geography

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Czech Republic
  • USA
  • India
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Netherlands

What's Under the Hood of AdversterX?

  • Landing Pages and Content Production

    While there always exists an "easy but wrong" way to procure landing pages in affiliate marketing - such as borrowing them from fellow affiliates - we choose a different path. We design and create our own.

  • Media Buying

    Our journey began as media buyers, and with over a decade of experience in the field, we let our years of expertise speak for themselves.

  • Selling Traffic

    Working intimately with traffic enables us to utilize it effectively and make it available for sale to our partners.

  • Affiliate Program

    Many networks choose to start affiliate programs by abusing the trust of advertisers. Since we are simultaneously an affiliate, an advertiser, and an affiliate program, we understand all the pains such behavior can inflict on all market players. That’s why we have an affiliate program only in one vertical, where we stand firmly on our feet and know we can offer a competitive and lucrative product.

  • Technology

    Our approach to technology is to construct systems that are simple yet effective. Every tool, extension, and application is designed with a singular purpose: to assist us in monetizing incoming traffic. This includes analytical tools, extensions, and various applications.

    We began our journey in the world of traffic as media buyers. This field has proven to be incredibly powerful, thanks to our decade of experience and our ever-growing team of skilled buyers.

    AdversterX Evolution

    • /Technology
    • /Approach
    • /Vision

    In recent years, we've observed stagnation in the Internet marketing industry.

    Remarketing introduced little technological advancement, but the overall traffic buying process was relatively unchanged.

    While many industry players predicted the decline of affiliate marketing, AdversterX took a different stance. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the industry through cutting-edge technology, a distinctive approach, and a forward-looking vision.

    The synergy of these three elements defines who we are and the company we aspire to be. Effective technology cannot exist without the right vision, just as it cannot thrive without an innovative approach.

    Our ultimate goal - is to innovate the industry with effective technology, a unique approach, and a long-term vision

    The unique combination of those three components makes us who we are and what kind of company we will become. An effective technology can not be created without the right vision, just as it can not be made without an innovative approach.

    • #01 Technology

      When people think of technology, they often associate it with tech giants creating cutting-edge algorithms, leaving regular affiliates with little more than copying each other landing pages. At AdversterX, we see things differently.

      We believe that innovation can enhance even the simplest processes. Technology doesn't need to be massive to be valuable. We encourage our colleagues to standardize, optimize, automate, and innovate every procedure, promoting efficiency and clarity and making work enjoyable.

    • #02 Approach

      Our approach is the most straightforward approach that ever existed. We organize our business to maximize the short-term and long-term income of the people we work with. The general approach in the industry is to pay the market salary or a little above that. It is a good strategy, but we believe it will bring generally average results.

      Let’s not forget the market we are in — the most dynamic space where ideas can live for hours, not even days. A person who brings a statement should be able to capitalize on it to be adequately motivated to get even more ideas moving forward. Paying out the absolute maximum we can is the only way to stand firmly on the ground and grow and feel happy.

    • #03 Vision

      Traffic is our life and passion. We started as affiliates and evolved into a performance marketing agency with technologies, affiliate programs, content production, and more. The future is uncertain, but we can plan for it. At AdversterX, we're ready for what's to come, embracing change and innovation in this ever-evolving landscape.

      We're passionate about providing a platform for talent to thrive, where individuals can drive their own progress and turn their dream jobs into reality.

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    • While we may not be the dream team for everyone, we won't attempt to convince you otherwise. Our goal is to continuously strive towards excellence, understanding that perfection is a journey marked by its failures. We choose to embark on this journey, even though it may not fit everyone.

    • Your experience is a crucial factor when it comes to compensation. We offer a fair revenue share of the team's earnings and a fixed amount. This balanced and equitable scheme provides significant earning potential with no predetermined limit on your potential income.

    • 100% legal, contract-based employment

    • Our team works entirely remotely.

    • We make decisions using two fundamental approaches: data-driven and common sense-based. This means that we never rely solely on arguments from authority. We prioritize a comfortable work environment and strive to minimize unnecessary stress for everyone. We believe those who have experience working with traffic will appreciate our approach

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