Media Buyer Specialist (Focus: Facebook Advertising for Gambling and Dating Niches)


Media Buyer Specialist (Focus: Facebook Advertising for Gambling and Dating Niches)

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of purchasing traffic on Facebook, particularly within the gambling and dating verticals.
  • Experience and understanding of traffic acquisition for gambling and adult content on Facebook.
  • Proficiency in various Facebook traffic-buying strategies.
  • In-depth analytical abilities, with a focus on the traffic-buying process.
  • Experience managing large advertising budgets.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Execute and manage media buys on Facebook, ensuring optimal performance within the gambling and dating sectors.
  • Implement a range of traffic-buying strategies, tailoring approaches to meet the unique demands of each niche and campaign.
  • Develop, oversee, and adjust media buying plans and budgets, ensuring resources are allocated and utilized optimally.
  • Analyze advertising data, providing insights and actionable recommendations to enhance the effectiveness and ROI of media buying initiatives.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to ensure media buying strategies align with overall marketing objectives and company goals. Ability to delegate tasks to the promo team for landing page and video ad creation.
  • Provide daily and monthly reporting on campaign performance, offering data-driven insights and recommendations for future initiatives.

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